Civil Rights

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The civil justice system encompasses a wide variety of areas. Distinct from the criminal justice system, civil law includes the individual who has been harmed as a party in the case. In this sense victims are able to receive compensation for damages and play a more involved role.

Civil law upholds basic standards for the treatment of individuals. When a company fails to warn of safety hazards connected with their products, or a government agency neglects to perform its designated duty, they are held accountable for their negligence under the civil justice system. The broad term “Civil Rights” is most commonly associated with issues of discrimination, defamation and harassment. Violations of one’s civil rights can take the forms of sexual comments from co-workers or supervisors, racial or ethnic stereotyping, verbal abuse, hostile behavior and degrading written or graphic material.

Featured Case: Corey v. Pierce County - $3.1 million jury verdict for state prosecuting attorney wrongfully terminated and defamed