Barnes, et al. v. Pierce County

  • Municipal employees targeted and retaliated against for standing up to their supervisor’s unlawful activities

$1.05 million Settlement

Wessling v. Marathon Equipment Company

  • Employee’s arm was amputated due to the faulty design of an auto-tie bailer

$7 million Jury Verdict

Philichi v. USA

  •   Misdiagnosed compartment syndrome in the client’s dominant arm led to near-total disability


Fisher v. USA

  • Navy Veteran killed in an automobile accident

$2 million Verdict

Hall v. North Whidbey Park and Recreation District

  • Swimming coached groomed and molested multiple female adolescent swimmers

$1.5 million Settlement

Ostling v. City of Bainbridge Island

  • Civil right claim brought on behalf of the estate of a mentally ill man who police officers shot and killed in his home, without provocation.

$1.1 million Jury Verdict

Dowe v. Community Psychiatric Clinic

$5.5 million Settlement

J.C. v. State of Washington

  • Child abused in foster care

$450,000 Settlement

$31 million Jury Verdict (55% comparative fault)

Clay v. Seattle School District

$15 million Settlement

$22.4 million Verdict

Smith v. OK Boys Ranch

Over $63 million in Settlements

Corey v. Pierce County

$3.1 million Jury Verdict

Harris v. Alefaio

  • Teenager from Virginia murdered by gang members

$21 million Judgment

Said Sheikh v. State of Washington DSHS

$13.3 million Jury Verdict and Settlement

Brown v. City of Seattle & Pang

$5.6 million Jury Verdict

Mendez v. Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church of North America

  • Quadriplegia injury on obstacle course at church summer camp

$14.25 million Settlement

Couch v. State of Washington D.O.C.

$15.3 million Jury Verdict

J.T. v. Trinity Glass Inc.

  • Brain injury caused by from industrial accident

$6.5 million Settlement

$7.5 million Settlement

Albertson v. State of Washington DSHS

  • Children sexually abused in foster care placement

$11 million Settlement

McFarland v. State of Washington D.O.C.

  • Unsupervised parolee rapes and murders teenage girl

$6.3 million Jury Verdict

S.R.C. v. State of Washington DOC

  • Child is abducted and raped by unmonitored sex offender

$4.25 million Settlement

Passanante v. H.E.R.E.

  • Class action brought on behalf of retired union members against unions who had promised them life membership and burial benefits but then tried to renege on the promise


V.S. v. Confidential

  • Truck intersection collision resulting in wrongful death

$4 million Settlement

Funk v. State of Washington DOC

  • Unsupervised sex offender rapes and murders mother of 3

$3.1 million Settlement

Frank v. Safeco Insurance Company

  • Safeco denies coverage in bad faith when infant dies in insured's

$4.5 million Judgment entered against Safeco; $1 million Settlement

Kennedy v. City of Ridgefield

  • Woman shot by youth, section 1983 action due to police failure to protect informant

$2.8 million Settlement

Frank v. State of Washington DSHS & Confidential

  • DSHS fails to monitor an overcrowded and dangerous home care provider, infant is strangled by misplaced blind cords during a nap

$2.5 million cumulative Settlement

Firefighters v. Confidential

  • Families of firefighters killed in 30 mile fire due to inadequate fire protection win confidential award


Gilmore v State of Washington DOC

  • Negligent supervision of mentally ill felon leads to murder of two teenage boys

$2.5 million Settlement

Clark v. Korean Woman's Association

  • Disabled care case, negligent caretakers at the Korean Woman's Association allow disabled mother's death

$2 million Settlement

Allen v. Specialty Surplus

  • Insurance bad faith settlement

$2.5 million Settlement

Child L.R. v. Child Restraint Manufacturer

  • Products liability, confidential settlement on behalf of a child quadriplegic injured due to faulty child restraint seat (settlement after one week of trial)


Farstad v. Lake Washington School District

  • Children abused by school basketball coach

$2.4 million Settlement

Romero v. West Valley School District

  • Child dies due to school district's dangerous bus loading zone

$1.8 million Jury Verdict

Estate of E.V. v. Jane Doe Apartments

  • Elderly woman murdered when apartments fail to provide security

$2 million Settlement

A.O. v. Confidential

  • Dental anesthetic causes facial paralysis

$1.7 million Settlement

Boldt. V. Boys Ranch & State of Washington DSHS

  • Youth dies at boys ranch for troubled youth after straying from a poorly supervised camp hike

$2 million Settlement

A.J. v. State of Washington

  • Case involving more than a decade of severe physical and sexual abuse of young girl by her DSHS appointed guardian

$1.5 million Settlement

A.K. & K.M. v. State of Washington DSHS

  • Children placed in an abusive foster care home abused  physically and sexually.

$2 million Settlement

McMahan v. Tacoma Community College

  • Mentally retarded cafeteria worker assaults child

$1.35 million Jury Verdict

Montgomery v. State of Washington DOC

$1 million Settlement

Powell v. State of Washington DSHS

  • Teenager murdered by escaped juvenile delinquent, state admits negligence in monitoring

$1.5 million Settlement

Confidential v. Confidential Adult Home

  • Nursing home liability case involving the death of two elderly women who died as a result of negligent care

$1.7 million Settlement

Sauls v. King County and Pierce County

  • Failure to provide appropriate psychiatric treatment for inmate who subsequently  was released and murdered mother of two young children

$1.7 million Settlement

A.J. v. Grays Harbor Transit

  • Child killed while crossing street in front of school bus

$1.6 million Settlement

Confidential v. Confidential

  • Case handled against multinational sales organization setting up pyramid scheme and taking funds from members through fraudulent description of program


Hubbard v. City of Camas

  • Collision at intersection kills parent of 3 when city fails to protect citizens from dangerous drunk driver

$1 million Settlement

Hemly v. Renaissance Fair

  • Case involving serious brain injury

$1.1 million Settlement

Whyms v. Grays Harbor Transit

  • Motor vehicle accident on icy city bridge results in fatality

$756,000 Settlement

Hulbert v. Thurston County; City of Aberdeen & Confidential

  • Impure drinking water caused by an improper water hookup

$1.2 million Settlement

Christensen v. Foss Waterway Marina

  • Maritime case involving an unsafe walkway at Marina, resident slips and falls resulting in serious head injury

$631,000 Settlement

O. v. Confidential Hospital

  • Failure to supervise lock down unit allowed a patient to commit suicide

$700,000 Settlement

McDonald v. Pierce Transit

  • Serious injury in tragic bus accident

$675,000 Settlement

Schmidt v. State of Washington

  • Serious injury sustained at logging yard

$630,000 Jury Verdict

M.S. v King County DOC

  • Negligent supervision of sex offenders

$600,000 Settlement

Confidential v. University of Washington

$480,000 Settlement

Hagemeyer v. U.S. Forest Service

  • PTSD caused by US Forest Service's failure to clear campground after notice of approaching fire

$400,000 Settlement

Estate of H.R. v. Powell & Min S. Chang

  • Teenage passenger dies in motor vehicle accident


Moser v. Pierce County

  • Jail sex encounter allowed by negligent placement of vulnerable inmate with known sexual offender

$300,000 Settlement

B.C. v. Manufacturer

  • Confidential settlement on behalf of family of father injured in conversion van rollover