McFarland v. State of Washington D.O.C.

This case involves the murder of Meeka Willingham by dangerous parolee John Eggers. Meeka, the 17 year old daughter of Plff Sylvia McFarland, was stabbed 56 times with a knife taken from the McFaraland kitchen.

Brown v. City of Seattle & Pang

Plaintiff James Brown, a City of Seattle firefighter, was killed while fighting a fire that arsonist defendant Martin Pang started in the basement of a warehouse owned by his parents and known as Mary Pang Food Products warehouse.

Clark v. Korean Woman’s Association

This case involves the wrongful death of Darlene M. Clark, a vulnerable, quadriplegic woman who was under the care of the Def. Korean Woman’s Association, Inc. (KWA). Defendant KWA’s caregivers abandoned her and did not try to locate her after she became lost.