Salvini v. Ski Lifts Inc.

23 year old Kenneth (Kenny) Salvini went off a defective table top jump at the Summit at Snoqualmie ski resort and overshot the landing, suffering severe injuries.

Clay v. Seattle School District

Plaintiff Mackenzie “Mac” Clay was rendered a C 3-4 quadriplegic during a high school wrestling practice when two larger wrestlers collided with him during a take down drill, breaking his neck.

Flyte v. Summit View Clinic

$18.6 million jury verdict in a wrongful death case against Summit View Clinic involving a pregnant woman with swine flu.

Mendez v. Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church of North America

During a church summer camp organized and run by the Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church of North America, plaintiff Brian Mendez was permanently injured, sustaining injuries that left him a C 3-4 quadriplegic, on negligently designed and supervised obstacle course.

J.T. v. Trinity Glass Inc.

The plaintiff, an employee of LaborWorks staffing service, was working at Trinity Glass Inc. loading heavy doors onto a palate, when a loose wooden block dislodged from under a stack of doors causing the doors to fall towards him.

Dowe v. Community Psychiatric Clinic

Plaintiff Maritza Dowe lost her eyesight in a brutal and random stabbing attack at her place of employment. Our investigation revealed that her attacker was a violent schizophrenic who had not been properly treated with antipsychotic medications.