Salvini v. Ski Lifts Inc.

23 year old Kenneth (Kenny) Salvini went off a defective table top jump at the Summit at Snoqualmie ski resort and overshot the landing, suffering severe injuries.

Clay v. Seattle School District

Plaintiff Mackenzie “Mac” Clay was rendered a C 3-4 quadriplegic during a high school wrestling practice when two larger wrestlers collided with him during a take down drill, breaking his neck.

Flyte v. Summit View Clinic

Confidential settlement on behalf of family of father injured in conversion van rollover.

Mendez v. Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church of North America

During a church summer camp organized and run by the Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church of North America, plaintiff Brian Mendez was permanently injured, sustaining injuries that left him a C 3-4 quadriplegic, on negligently designed and supervised obstacle course.

J.T. v. Trinity Glass Inc.

The plaintiff, an employee of LaborWorks staffing service, was working at Trinity Glass Inc. loading heavy doors onto a palate, when a loose wooden block dislodged from under a stack of doors causing the doors to fall towards him.

Dowe v. Community Psychiatric Clinic

Plaintiff Maritza Dowe lost her eyesight in a brutal and random stabbing attack at her place of employment. Our investigation revealed that her attacker was a violent schizophrenic who had not been properly treated with antipsychotic medications.