Ostling family satisfied with verdict in civil rights case

By BRIAN KELLY |Bainbridge Island Review TACOMA — The Ostling family said they were satisfied with a jury’s verdict Friday that awarded the family $1 million in damages in their civil rights lawsuit against the city of Bainbridge Island. William and Joyce Ostling filed a lawsuit against Bainbridge Island, Police Officer Jeff Benkert and Police Chief Jon Fehlman last year, … Read More

Lakewood officers’ widows file claim against Department of Corrections

By STEPHANIE KLEIN | MyNorthwest.com The widows of two of four slain Lakewood police officers have filed a damages claim that accuses the Washington Department of Corrections of bungling its supervision of Maurice Clemmons. “This was an offender from Arkansas who wanted to come to Washington. Washington agreed to take him, but as part of that agreement, Washington was supposed … Read More

Foster abuse case settled: $11 million for 8 boys

By Maureen O’Hagan | The Seattle PI In the summer of 2003, graphic photos began regularly appearing on Internet sites frequented by pedophiles. They were “brand new,” according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and they were being posted by someone in the Tacoma area calling himself “foster dad.” In the world of Internet crimes, it … Read More

Seattle settles in foster kids’ suit

By JOHN IWASAKI | The Seattle PI The cities of Tacoma and Seattle and the state will pay a combined $10.5 million to eight foster children to settle a lawsuit claiming that police failed to properly respond to reports that a Pierce County foster father had sexually abused the youths. The suit also said the Department of Social and Health … Read More