Said Sheikh v. State of Washington DSHS

Award: $10.3 Million (DSHS 85% liable; $4.5 million settlement against King County; $300,000 settlement against Shell Oil)

Attorneys: Jack Connelly

Case Summary:

Plaintiff Said Aba Sheikh was brutally attacked at the age of 16 by four violent foster youth in the parking lot of a Shell gasoline station. Three of the four were had been residing in the same foster home for several years together and had a history of gang-like beatings, burglary and rape. Plaintiff Sheikh’s beating was the last in a long line of assaults and serious crimes. Defendant DSHS had been notified by neighbors and the foster mother, defendant Daniels, many times that the youth were out of control and needed to be removed. The boys’ parole officers failed to properly supervise the youth, and defendant DSHS failed to take necessary action after numerous red flags.

Before the beating, Plaintiff Sheikh was very bright and intelligent student who spoke five languages. He sustained traumatic brain injury resulting in severe impairment of cognitive abilities. The beating left plaintiff Sheikh with injuries; he is on oxygen, unable to walk over fifty yards, has the mental capacity of an eight or nine year old and requires hospitalization in intensive care six to ten times every year. His life expectancy was significantly reduced.