Federal Way police at fault in murder case

By Henry Rosoff | Kirotv.com


The family of a woman killed five years ago in a violent stabbing is finally getting some justice from the highest court in the state.

On May 3, 2008, “Babs” Roznowski was stabbed to death in her home by her ex-boyfriend Chan Kim, who is now serving more than 20 years in prison. Hours before the attack an officer was at the house serving Kim with an order of protection. The order said Kim needed to stay 500 feet from Roznowski.

The officer saw Kim leave and then left himself, even though in the protection order it said Kim might turn violent when served. The Washington Supreme Court ruled that the Federal Way Police Department should have done more to protect Roznowski.

The justices upheld a King County ruling that said the city has to pay Roznowski’s family $1,100,000 in damages.

“Domestic violence prevention is murder prevention, and what happened here is very foreseeable — it was actually described in the documents,” said Jack Connelly, who represented the family in court. “So there should have been efforts to protect her.”

KIRO 7 went to the Federal Way Police department, the mayor’s office and the city attorney’s office, but no one would meet with us in person.

The police chief issued a statement, reading in part:

“The City has not fully reviewed the court’s decision, however, it appears the Supreme Court has addressed the heart of the matter and has clearly articulated the duty of a police officer when serving domestic violence and non-domestic violence orders. We fully accept the Supreme Court’s decision in this matter.”

A police spokeswoman further explained the statement on the phone. She said Roznowski filed for a harassment order of protection, not a domestic violence order of protection. The spokeswoman said the two types of orders are treated differently. She said because of today’s Supreme Court ruling police will now do more to protect victims when serving a harassment order.

Connelly said Federal Way Police just need to stop splitting hairs and protect all victims. He said the Federal Way Police recommended the harassment order of protection in the first place when Roznowski went to them for help.

“What’s surprising in this case (is) the refusal of the Federal Way Police to do its job,” Connelly said.

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