Mendez v. Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church of North America

Case type:  Spinal Cord Injury, Personal Injury, Corporate Liability
$14.25 million Settlement
Jack Connelly, Micah LeBank


During a church summer camp organized and run by the Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church of North America, plaintiff Brian Mendez was permanently injured, sustaining injuries that left him a C 3-4 quadriplegic, on negligently designed and supervised obstacle course. 

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Def.s Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Churches of North America put on a summer youth camp where they constructed a dangerous obstacle course. The member churches were fully aware that the camp was not accredited by the American Camp Association and did not follow standard safety regulations and protocols when designing and supervising the obstacle course. Plff Mendez, as instructed by the supervisors, jumped headfirst into a shallow hole filled with water and broke his neck, rendering him a C 3-4 quadriplegic. Camp counselors encouraged campers to complete the dangerous obstacle course as fast as possible.