A.O. v. Confidential

Case type:  Products Liability, Medical Negligence
Award:  $1.7 million Settlement
Attorneys:  Jack Connelly, Micah LeBank

Case Summary

Plaintiff A.O. suffered permanent partial right-sided facial paralysis after undergoing a routine dental procedure. A.O.'s injury was caused by the amount and concentration of dental anesthetic injected by her dentist. Defendants misrepresented the benefits of the dental anesthetic, failed to warn the dental community or her dentist about its known side-effects, and failed to provide adequate instructions for its safe use.

Consequently, Plaintiff A.O. suffered right side facial paralysis. Previously a very social individual with a passion for working with people and the fine arts, A.O.’s permanent injury devastated her daily life. A.O. experienced great difficulty speaking clearly, and suffered painful jaw aches and headaches when she engaged her facial muscles. She became a recluse and was forced to change jobs due to her inability to clearly communicate. Plaintiff suffered physical and emotional damages resulting from the visible right side facial paralysis.

This products liability case is a result of those life-altering injuries, injuries caused by the Defendants’ design production, testing, labeling and marketing of a dental anesthetic that they knew, or should have known, caused serious and permanent injuries. This action is based on strict liability in tort, negligence, breach of express warranty, breach of, or failure to, discharge a duty to warn or instruct, misrepresentation, concealment, and/or nondisclosure.