Sports Injuries

On your team no matter what the odds

In today's society, the desire to remain active and to engage our children in healthy sports activities means that risks and related injuries are commonplace. Frequency does not make these injuries any less shocking or traumatic, but it does demand that those in charge of sports teams, facilities, manufacturing sports equipment and facilitating sporting events maintain safe conditions and uphold high standards of care for the athletes they serve.

Many of our clients have been through serious and trying sports accidents, which means the members of our firm have invaluable experience fighting for their just compensation and comforting them in a time of need. Our attorneys and staff know how to extend our services in a comfortable and supportive manner, while tenaciously pursuing legal action to recover damages and influence those who facilitate sports activities to maintain the safest environment possible for us all.

Featured Case: Clay v. Seattle School District - $15 million award for wrestler injured during dangerous wrestling practice. Injuries resulted in C-4,5 quadriplegia