Products Liability

Protecting your right to safe products

Consumers have the right to expect that products produced by large corporations will not cause harm or injure them. Products can be rendered unreasonably dangerous because they were not built properly, because they did not contain appropriate warnings, or otherwise. When manufacturers put products into the marketplace that contain these defects they are responsible for the injuries that they cause. Taking on these large organizations takes tenacity, strategy, and resources. Connelly Law Offices helps consumers who are injured or killed by defective products, whether it is a defective automobile, airbag, or a pharmaceutical product, or other products. As with all of our cases, we seek to encourage manufacturers to make products safer in order to help prevent injuries to others in the future.

Featured Case: A.O. v. Confidential - $1.7 million settlement for victim of right side facial paralysis caused by dangerous dental anesthetic whose marketers did not inform the dental community of the product's severe side effects