Personal Injury

Partners on the road to recovery

Advocating for victims of serious injury caused by another party’s actions or inaction is central to the pursuit of civil justice. Serious injury can occur virtually anywhere – a hazardous work environment, unsafe recreational facilities, poorly run camp grounds, behind the wheel of a car or truck, even at home using everyday items. Where victims are left with daunting medical bills, debilitating physical conditions and enduring emotional trauma in the wake of tragic injuries, we fiercely pursue awards to help clients return to normal lives.

Attorneys at the Connelly Law Offices are adept at handling virtually all types of personal injury cases. Firm successes range from simple motor vehicle injuries to technical brain and spinal cord injuries. Each member of our team contributes a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, assuring clients that their case is in good hands. We tailor a strategy that works for your case to ensure you get the results you deserve. Every client. Every cse. Every time.

Featured Case: Salvini v. Ski Lifts Inc. - $31 million jury verdict awarded to skier rendered C-4,5 quadriplegic on defective ski jump (55% comparative fault)