Government Liability

Holding our state to high standards

As citizens of Washington, we rely on our state, county and local governmental organizations to provide critical services related to the overall health, safety and welfare of the public. These governmental organizations are entrusted to provide these services to our citizens in a proper manner and in accord with applicable standards of care and service. Unfortunately, there are occasions when governmental organizations and individual government employees fall beneath the standard of care expected of those entrusted to provide such vital services to our citizenry. When bad things happen to people as a result of state, county or local governmental failures, malfeasance, or negligence, the government, like any other offender, must be held accountable for the consequences of their actions.

Our goal at Connelly Law Offices is to not only ensure our clients are justly compensated for the injuries they suffer as a result of government shortcomings, but to also use the legal process to affect positive changes in future governmental practices to ensure other citizens do not suffer the same or similar injuries.

Featured Case: Said Aba Sheikh v. State of Washington DSHS - Lead counsel in case involving man brutally beaten by negligently monitored foster youth, $13.3 million cumulative result; $8.8 million jury verdict against DSHS