General Civil Litigation

A successful strategy, from the first day of consultation

Attorneys at the Connelly Law Offices devote their practice to taking cases to trial. Each case is thoroughly prepared, from day one, ensuring that on the day of trial your case is airtight . The attorneys develop innovative trial strategies rooted in extensive research and established legal theory to ensure that not only are we prepared for trial, but that all arguments are aggressive and bulletproof.

With over 55 years of highly sucessful litigation experience, our attorneys are comfortable in the courtroom and represent your case with a level of skill unmatched in the Pacific Northwest. Significant past verdicts reiterate the firm's focus on litigation, assuring defendants and clients alike that the Connelly Law Offices mean business.

Featured Case: Joyce v. State of Washington DOC - Lead counsel. $22.4 million jury verdict for mother murdered by negligently supervised felon.